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About Our Company

Boostn is international Recruitment Company

Boostn Internationa Recruitment is a licensed company in Germany for undertaking the following major business activities

  1. Job board: Boostn offers a platform for Businesses to post their job advertisements to recruit the right talents for their business productivity.          Job seekers sign up and create their profiles to boost their employment opportunities in global job market
  2. Local and International Recruitment in Europe/ from Germany/ and  in Africa/from Addis Ababa/.   Boostn recruits talents for businesses in Germany and abroad
  3.   Student Recruitment for universities                                                                                          Boostn offers university promotion services and advertisement of their programs. It also offers university applications services for prospective students and  helps them join their dream schools.  Universities and  Prospective students from anywhere in the globe can use the platform
  4. Placement Services                                                                                                                                   Companies can rely on Boostn for recruitment and administration of the workforce they need. Boostn offers placement service for broad range of work force for companies

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